Our recycling and trash bin cleaning service

Order Service

You can either call us or place an online order. Within 48 hours, an email with your planned garbage can cleaning date will be sent to you. Our trucks will clean your garbage cans at the curb and have the capacity to clean two cans at once, so the process is quick and simple.

Service Day

The interior and exterior of your bins will be cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized using fresh water that has been heated to 180° under high pressure. Please leave your trash cans in a prominent location before our cleaning technicians come at your house. 

Sanitize. Disinfect. Deodorize.

Our 360° cleaning heads shoot water at an angle of nearly 180°, clearing your trash can of dirt and debris. In order to get rid of bacteria and germs, we combine this technique with a disinfectant. We hand-spray a deodorizer after sanitizing and disinfecting your trash can. We are nearly finished.

All Done!

In order to let you know we were there, we install a removable seal after performing one last cleaning inspection. The garbage cans are then put in close proximity to your house or storage space. Now the service is finished.

Trash Valet Service

Sit Back And Relax

Our friendly valet comes out to your home and hauls your trash can out to the curb the day before trash pick up.

Round Trip Service

Our valet will return your cans to their home after trash pickup.

Weekly $34.99 per visit

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